Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness Review

Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness

A dog harness is handy during an everyday walk but it is essential equipment for dog training. If you want to train your dog the right way, invest in Lifepul’s No Pull Dog Vest Harness.

The words dog training equipment might sound overwhelming to some owners but this product is not that complicated to use. In fact, it is easy to put on and take off thanks to quick release buckles.

This product has been made for ergonomic use. The manufacturer chose to use nylon, which is a breathable and washable material. They also added padding to provide comfort to your dog as it moves, walks, runs, or jumps. The No Pull Dog Vest Harness  is supported with a sponge collar and chest belt.

The vest harness also has a leash connector D-ring on the back that can be used for walking and can be attached to a seat belt during car rides. There is also a no-pull handle for control which you will find useful during training.

The product comes in three sizes from medium to extra-large dogs. The straps and the locks are adjustable so you can custom fit the size to your dog. Like the other brands, the manufacturer recommends that you take your dog’s measurement before making a purchase.


  • Unique no pull dog harness that comes in three sizes and two color options
  • Medium: 25.5.- 31.5 inches; Large: 27.5-35.5 inches; X-Large: 31.5-43.5 inches
  • Made of high-quality and durable materials such as nylon and nickel-plated hardware
  • Has a soft and breathable fabric with padding underneath for dog’s comfortability
  • Includes a welded D-ring on the back for the leash; can also be attached to a seat belt during car rides
  • Features an adjustable chest strap with snap on buckle to custom fit the vest harness
  • Includes a handle at the dog’s upper back for better control over dog
  • Includes a sponge collar and chest belt for added support and protection
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Keeps the dog from pulling
  • Works great as an everyday harness or training harness


Dogs that are not trained not to pull need a special kind of harness like the Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness. This product has been gaining popularity because of its premium quality and beautiful design. It has a high satisfaction rating among its customers.

If you are an owner of a medium sized or large sized dog, this is the harness that you should have.

The product comes in three sizes that are suitable for larger dogs. To custom fit the vest harness, you simply adjust the straps and then snap the buckles into place. Unlike the other brands that leave you confused with their design, this one is easy to put on. With its design, your dog can run free and enjoy your walks every day.

Moreover, the vest harness is also comfortable and durable. It is made of high-quality and breathable materials that are not harsh and will not irritate the dog’s skin. It also has padding underneath so that your furry friend will feel supported and protected.

Other features that can make your life as an owner easier are the handle and the leash connector. The handle is great for training your dog and provides greater control. The leash connector can also be attached to a seat belt, keeping your dog safe during car rides.


This harness is suitable for large dogs. So if you have a small breed of dog, you might want to check other brands. Aside from this, there are also mixed negative reviews about the product’s quality.

Some pet owners seem to find the harness to bulky for their dogs while others say that the material wears away over time. Others say that the harness does little in stopping the dog from pulling.


Despite a few negative reviews, the Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest Harness is still a good choice. It has high quality features that make it a better option than the other brands.

A lot of people like the design that provides comfort and protection. If you are looking for a no pull dog harness, the Lifepul Vest Harness is worthy of your consideration.

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