Love Pets Love Dog Lift Support Harness Canine Aid Review

Love Pets Love Dog Lift Support Harness Canine Aid

Is your dog suffering from limited mobility? Whether it is due to old age or an accident, the Love Pets Love Dog Lift Support Harness Canine Aid is the best answer to his or her pain. This dog harness has an ergonomic design that helps injured and elderly dogs who experience difficulty in walking, climbing or jumping.

Instead of carrying your dog from one place to another, just attach the harness properly and you will be able to lift his legs and assist him. This way of helping is easier and safer because the dog’s torso is supported so that it can stand, walk, and more. But more importantly, your dog will also gain his confidence as he finds himself more stable with your help.

The lift support harness is 33.5 inches long and 8 inches wide with straps that have strong Velcro to create a strong handle. It is easy to put on, too. it is also possible for you to place the pad near the chest, hips, or the back legs for localized support. This particular product is for medium to large dogs that are about 45-75 lbs. It rolls up in seconds so that you can store it easily.


  • An ergonomic lift support harness that is designed for medium to large dogs
  • Measurement: 33 inches x 8 inches (Large), 38 inches x 9 inches (Extra Large)
  • Can support dogs weighing 45-75 lbs. (Large) and 75-100+ lb. dogs (Extra Large)
  • Provides extra support to help injured and old dogs walk, stand, and more
  • Features a strap with soft and strong Velcro for a stronger handling
  • Has durable poly and nylon with fleece lining
  • Easy to wear and to store because of the roll up function
  • Can be placed near the chest, hips or back legs


Every owner who has injured or aging dogs at home knows how hard it is to see their beloved pets struggling with pain. That is why a dog harness that is specifically designed for these kinds of dogs was invented.

And one of the best products on the market today is the Love Pets Love Dog Lift Support Harness Canine Aid. In fact, it has a high satisfaction rating from dog owners who have seen the benefits of this amazing product.

Not all dog harnesses are ideal for all kinds of dogs, especially those who need extra care. That is why it is always good to know that there is equipment that is designed to aid and assist needy dogs.

In terms of functionality, the product is superior. It might look simple but it is ergonomic to fully support your impaired dog as it walks, stands, and climbs the stairs.

Whether a front leg or a back leg is injured, this dog harness canine aid will be suitable. You can place the support near the chest or near the hips and back legs. What does this harness do?

It simply helps you lift the injured part of the body while your dog gains the strength and confidence to jump into the car or walk. So if your dog has arthritis or degenerative myelopathy, this product is a great help.

This harness is easy to put on your dog because of the Velcro straps. It also rolls up in seconds for storage. It is available in two sizes: 3 inches x 8 inches (Large), 38 inches x 9 inches (Extra Large).


Opinions vary as to the suitability of the size of this product. Notice that it is only good for medium and large dogs. So if you have a small injured dog, you might want to look for another brand. On the other hand, other buyers think that the sizes are small for large dogs.

Some pet owners are having difficulty in lifting for the harness often slips down to the hips. Some say that it might be because there isn’t enough padding.


The number of advantages for this product outnumbers the disadvantages. Therefore, it is just right to say that the Lift Support Harness Canine Aid from Love Pets Love Dog is indeed a great choice for aging dogs with impaired mobility. The product’s features alone are enough to prove that it will be worth every dollar you spend for your dog.

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