Pawaboo Service Dog Vest Harness Review

Pawaboo Service Dog Vest Harness

If you are looking for a dog harness that is suitable for training, you might want to check the Pawaboo Service Dog Vest Harness. Even if your pet is not a service dog, this product is amazing equipment to train him or her like one. The vest harness has been made for large dogs weighing 57.3 – 110 lbs. It comes in two sizes and different colors, too.

To make this product more durable, the manufacturer used oxford fabric and 100% Polyester. These materials make the harness lightweight and soft, keeping your dog comfortable while training or walking at the park. There is a broad sponge padded plate for extra comfort as well as protection.

Unlike other brands, this Pawaboo Service Dog Vest Harness is easy for your dog to wear because it has a simple design. You simply have to slip it on your dog and make necessary adjustments so that it fits well.

During night walks, you will have no trouble finding your dog and others will be able to see you because the dog harness has a reflective chest strap and other reflective components.

The included equipment in the package gives added incentive to buy this harness., As part of your purchase, you will also get a braided rope dog leash that is reflective, strong, and durable.


  • Service dog vest harness made available in two different sizes: large and extra large
  • For dogs weighing 57.3 lbs. to 77.1 lbs. (L) and 66 lbs. to 110 lbs. (XL)
  • For dogs chest: 23.6 to 29.5 inches (L) and 31.5 to 37.4 inches (XL)
  • Made of oxford fabric and 100% Polyester to make the harness light, soft, and strong
  • Features a broad sponge padded plate to increase level of protection and comfort
  • Feature adjustable chest strap and a chest plate to keep the vest fitted
  • Includes a premium-quality and abrasion resistant stainless steel snap hook
  • Includes a reflective and durable braided rope leash that measures 19 – 19.6 inches
  • Features 2 removable reflective hook and loop patches for night safety
  • Includes a traffic control handle
  • Works great for training dogs


From the list of features it is clear that one of the advantages of this product is its functionality. It has a wide range of features for a variety of reasons such as comfort and protection. If you are looking for a service dog harness that is great for training dogs, the brand Pawaboo should surely be one of your options.

The manufacturer has done a great job of not compromising comfort for protection or protection for comfort. The harness vest is made of premium materials that you can trust to be durable and strong. It is also lightweight and soft so that your dog can still move and run freely even though this kind of harness is larger than the other kinds.

Besides this, a lot of pet owners also find the product easy for their dogs to wear and easy for them to take off. It fits large dogs well because the chest straps are adjustable, adding to the level of comfort.

The reflective features for safe low-light operation are sure to please the owner. Training or walking at night will be safer because the removable hooks, loop patches, as well as stitches are all reflective. You do not have to worry about how you will find your dog when it escaped. This would be a moot point if you use the durable and reflective leash included in the package.


For this service dog vest harness, there are a few disadvantages. One of the things people noticed is the sizes are somewhat small for big dogs. However, if you have a medium sized dog, you might want to check the measurement before making a purchase to ensure that you are getting the right size harness. Additionally, there are also complaints about the missing dog leash that is supposed to be included in the package.


Overall, thePawaboo Service Dog Vest Harness  is deserving of its high satisfaction rating. With its number of amazing features, you and your dog are sure to have a great training session or walk in the park.

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