PetSafe Easy Walk Harness Review

PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

Do you have issues with your dog’s constant pulling and dragging on his leash? You may want to try out a dog harness instead of a collar. The dog harness prevents risks that are usually concerned with collars like choking for dogs and discomfort for owners.

It will also provide even weight distribution and allow dog owners to have total control over their pets’ actions. One example of a dog harness is PetSafe’s Easy Walk Harness.


  • Has front leash attachment which directs dog to the side of the owner and reduces pulling
  • Includes chest strap that lies against the breastbone of the dog and prevents choking and gagging
  • Has 4 adjustment points for complete control and dependable fit
  • Comes with detailed instruction manual


The Easy Walk Dog Harness from PetSafe is made to prevent a dog from tugging on his lead. It is made from soft yet sturdy nylon material and has 4 adjustment points as well for a dependable and comfortable fit.

It comes with snap buckles on the belly and shoulder straps which can be snapped on and off easily and has an eye-catching design and general black color scheme.

Walking and running with your dog should not be a tiring task that will frequently test your patience. In order to prevent problems and frustration, make sure that you harness your dog. This harness prevents dogs from tugging. Moreover, the harness ensures that stress and tension are directed away from the neck and throat to the shoulders.

The Petsafe Easy Walk Harness has a 2 point adjustment which gives the harness a secure fit all the time. It is also easy to put on and take off. Dog owners won’t have to struggle with their pets just to make them wear the item. To prevent tangling and twisting, the item also comes with a Martingale loop in chest piece.

The Easy Walk Dog Harness certainly helps prevent lead tugging and pulling. It makes this kind of behavior from dogs more controllable.

The leash fastens to the front of the harness and whenever a dog attempts to tug on the leash, the harness places pressure on his shoulders and the Martingale chest piece turns the dog’s body. This kind of setup makes pulling on the lead much more difficult for dogs to accomplish.

Furthermore, it will not choke or gag your pet. If you have used dog collars in the past, you may have noticed the choking and gagging sound the dog makes whenever he pulls on his leash.

The choking and gagging are brought about by the collar pressing down hard on his trachea, and this is uncomfortable for the dog.

This harness shifts the pressure points to the pet’s shoulders instead of against the dog’s throat. Hence, your pet will not suffer from choking or a collapsed, harmed throat.


Unlike other harnesses, setting up the Petsafe Easy Walk harness is not that simple. It was a bit of a challenge to adjust and acquire a good fit for the dog. However as soon as you have finished adjusting the item and acquired a nice fit for your pet, you won’t have to modify the item anymore.

You just snap on the buckles, fasten the lead and you and your dog will be ready for a walk or run. Putting the item on your pet is kind of hard at first. It does entail some getting used to.

The harness can also rub raw on the dog, specifically the straps. This is most probably caused by the lack of padding on the item. Thus it is really important to make sure that dog owners should get a good fit for the dog before snapping the item in place.

It is also a good suggestion to break in the item properly since not using it for a longer period of time might stiffen the product and make it uncomfortable for the dog to use.


The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness can be used by dogs weighing 60 pounds. All in all, the advantages thus far outweighed all the negatives so this is still a decent buy. Just make sure that you set every part of the harness properly and get a great, comfortable yet secure fit for your pet to avoid skin irritations. If you want an item that can prevent a dog from pulling or tugging on his leash try out the Petsafe Easy Walk Harness.

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