Putting a Dog Harness on Properly

Putting a Dog Harness on Properly

You love your dog and will provide him all the comfort, gear, and attention he needs. One basic item you need when it comes to dog gear is the harness. Lots of dog owners who want to quit using collars and instead try out a harness have been asking important questions about harnesses. In this article, we are going to discuss why your dog needs one, how to put on a dog harness and how to choose the right model for your pet.

Value of a Dog Harness

There are important reasons more dog owners pick a harness over a dog collar. A standard collar has a tendency to choke the dog whenever it pulls up. However, a harness allocates the weight throughout the dog’s chest.

A harness can also provide several attachment spots so dog owners can prevent the leash from getting tangled around their dog’s legs. For instance, fastening the leash to the D-ring at the chest area of the dog will provide the opportunity for a dog to tug.

In case they do this, this setup will provide additional places on the harness to grab whenever the dog owner tries to lift older dogs or give assistance to adventurous dogs while trekking or walking etc.

Selecting an Appropriate Size Harness

Before we discuss how to put on dog harness properly, we should talk about getting the right harness size for the dog you own. This is crucial for the dog’s overall comfort and protection.

When it comes to the chest, dog owners should first measure around the body of the dog with a stretchy measuring tape. Begin at the bottom of the dog’s rib cage, then go up and over its back, and back down once more to where you began.

Next is the neck. Wrap the tape around the thickest part of the dog’s neck and acquire the dimensions. Make sure to do this on the spot right above the top of the dog’s shoulders and not where the dog would typically wear the collar since it is slimmer.

Lots of harness manufacturers also reference the weight when it comes to sizing. In case your dog is giving you trouble while trying to acquire his measurements, you should weigh the dog first, pick him up then weigh you and your dog together. The resulting difference will be your dog’s weight.

Indications of a Mediocre Fit

When the dog harness does not fit your pet correctly, you might be putting the harness on in an erroneous manner or you picked the wrong size harness. In addition, you should know the indications of a poorly-fitting model. Here are some signs.

  • A slack harness positioned all over the dog’s body
  • The dog cannot waggle without restrictions
  • Harness’s back part cannot be turned on the sides
  • Dog can resist harness when running or walking without trouble

Setting Up a Dog Harness

When it comes to the right steps on how to put a dog harness on correctly, dog owners should see to it that it starts out reasonably loose so it will be easy to slip the harness on the dog. Dog owners can tighten the harness as soon as it is positioned.

They should also keep in mind that a correct, secure fit means they can fit 2 fingers between the harness and the dog at any place. Here are the steps on setting up an overhead harness.

  • Slip the harness over the dog’s head but do not tighten it just yet
  • Hang the chest piece so it gets into contact with the chest and belly of the dog
  • The chest piece has 2 buckles—dog owners should position them one on each side of the dog in the rear of its front legs. Attach them to the back of the harness
  • Adjust the harness’ sides in order to fit them securely
  • If appropriate, adjust the harness’ belly in order to fit securely
  • Adjust the harness’ neck in order to fit securely

Putting a Dog Harness

As soon as you have set up a harness, it is now time to remember how to put on a dog harness. Make sure to follow the directions in this article.

This is important so the dog will be comfortable while wearing the harness and will not give you any trouble.

  • Slip the harness over the dog’s head
  • Position the chest piece so it gets into contact with the dog’s belly and chest
  • The chest piece features two buckles and you should swing them up on each side of the dog, at the back of its front legs. Attach them to the harness’ back and you are done.

Dog harnesses can be found in stores that sell pet maintenance and gear stores and they can also be bought online. Make sure to select one that will fit your dog properly.

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